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Formulario Tools

We are pleased to introduce FormularioTools, an innovative and complete solution for form automation, designed to simplify and optimize the management of your business documents. FormularioTools consists of two essential modules that offer a wide range of functionalities to save time and improve the efficiency of your work. Module 1: Automation and Speed The first module of FormularioTools is designed to speed up form registration by 90%, allowing you to focus on other important activities. Additionally, it automatically sends forms to manufacturers and traders via certified email, ensuring quick and efficient communication. This module also manages delivery receipts, automatically saving them and alerting you to any undelivered forms, ensuring constant control of the process. Module 2: Copy and Check The second module of FormularioTools allows you to automatically copy forms from one company to another, eliminating the need to register them twice and saving valuable time. Moreover, this module checks your database for any registration errors, such as duplicate form numbers, ensuring the accuracy of your data. Compatibility with Winwaste.net FormularioTools is fully compatible with Winwaste.net, allowing you to easily integrate this automation tool into your current software infrastructure. Take advantage of FormularioTools to improve your form management and increase the operational efficiency of your company!  

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Digital ABP'S

Digital ABP'S is a revolutionary software designed to digitize and automate the entire process related to the transport movements of animal by-products (ddt) for category 3. This cutting-edge tool greatly simplifies bureaucratic management, eliminating the need to manually print and register documents. Thanks to Digital abp's, the delivery of document copies to the trader and producer is automatic, saving time and reducing errors. Furthermore, the software offers the possibility to automatically adjust the declared weight on the movements, comparing it with the actual weight recorded at the time of document submission. With Digital ABP'S, the management of animal by-products becomes more efficient, accurate, and sustainable, allowing companies to focus on their core activities and improve their competitiveness in the sector. Digital ABP'S does not require printers or handheld devices; any smartphone connected to the internet will suffice. We are compatible with Winwaste.net, a leading waste management software, and upon request, we can connect our product to other software. It is also worth mentioning that Digital ABP'S can be used independently for the management of Category 3. .

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