Complete Digitalization

 CAT.3 ​Movements​

Manage your Transport Movements (DDT) with an Eco-sustainable, Digital, and Law-Compliant approach!

Movement Management

Digitally manage movement documents, eliminating paper from your company, everything stored online

Process Automation

Save your employees' time from printing and recording documents, let Digital ABP'S handle everything!

Goodbye Fines

Avoid penalties by meeting the necessary compliance timings or for failing to issue documents

Present Nationwide

We guide you through the  
bureaucratic process to join the project

Digital SOA has been authorized in all the Regional Councils where it was presented to operate nationwide!
Just two years after our debut, we are already present in the Regions of
Campania, Puglia, Sicily and Lazio

Connected to Winwaste.Net

Our connector automatically uploads all the necessary data for creating the transport document


In less than 3 seconds, all the movements of his route are imported into Winwaste.Net, without doing anything! 

Movement Generation


The carrier selects the producer in the daily route to perform the pickup

Filling Out  

The carrier fills out the electronic DDT, noting the weight of the goods picked up and the sender's name


The carrier returns to the plant, and the goods are delivered by entering its license plate in the portal


The transport movements will be automatically uploaded to your management system

Cost Reduction, Digital ABP'S

Printing -100%

Complete elimination of paper and printing costs 

Human Resources -75%

Reduction of the overall workload

Outsourcing -70%

Save months of development, testing, and unforeseen issues

Bureaucracy -90%

We are already authorized, just send a PEC (Certified Email) and get started! 

Digital ABP'S, In Action